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Portland Web Hosting offers a variety of hosting services to support and manage your company's Internet presence. While we do provide a generic do-it-yourself hosting package like most ISP's, what sets Portland Web Hosting apart is its ability to provide secure, custom managed hosting services for your business. Customers of Portland Web Hosting know that their sites are safe and the information and data flowing in and out of them is protected from any unauthorized access.

Limited Access: All updates to the software running the web server and running your web site are done by Portland Web Hosting's experienced engineers.
Firewall Protection: Our servers are protected by firewall controls to prevent malicious attacks on your web site.
Physical protections: secure facility, card-key access, locked and monitored server racks.

Quality and Reliability of Service
Portland Web Hosting provides some of the most outstanding hosting in the industry, because of the steps we have taken to ensure that your site has the fastest response time possible and is accessible wherever and whenever you need it to be.

Quality of Service starts with a world class hosting facility. Portland Web Hosting is proud to have our servers and equipment hosted at Electric Lightwave Inc., recognized as one of the best Tier 1 ISP's in the country. The facility has redundant power sources, two redundant diesel generators, and two redundant OC-48 connections to Electric Lightwave's own nationwide Longhaul Network, going to separate network access points on their Longhaul Network.

Our commitment to reliability doesn't stop there. Portland Web Hosting has multiple redundant Unix servers, and we build as much redundancy as we can into each of our servers, from dual hot-swap power supplies to RAID configured SCSI hard drives. With the possibility of an outage due to physical system failures virtually eliminated, Portland Web Hosting prevents software system failures by retaining the best system administrators and technicians with years of experience in mission critical web server environments.

As your site grows you can upgrade your hosting package. As your business grows Portland Web Hosting has the experience and knowledge to provide any web solution you need when it makes sense for your business.


Standard Hosting Offering
$30 per month
Disk Space:
50 Megabytes
500 Megabytes/month
Email Accounts:
Premium Hosting Offering
$50 per month
Disk Space:
250 Megabytes
1 Gigabyte/month
Email Accounts:
Enterprise Hosting Offering
$135 per month
Disk Space:
500 Megabytes
5 Gigabytes/month
Email Accounts:
Managed Dedicated Server Offering
$695 per month
Disk Space:
8 Gigabytes
30 Gigabytes/month
Email Accounts:

Options and Other Services

Options and Other Services
Domain Registration and Renewal:
$20 per year
E-mail accounts:
$2 per month for each additional account.
Disk Space:
$1 per month for each additional Megabyte.
$25 per month for each additional Gigabyte of traffic.
SSL Certificate:
$150 per year (required for secure transactions)
Maintenance Contracts:
Starting at $40 per month