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Portland Web Hosting ContentSite

The Portland Web Hosting ContentSite is the perfect solution for anyone who wants an inexpensive custom website that allows the manager to add, edit, and delete as many pages as they would like.  With ContentSite the website manager does not need to worry about navigation links, templates, or FTP clients. 

Here's how the ContentSite works:

  1. Portland Web Hosting will design a custom website template.  This template will serve as the basic look and feel of the website and have areas to insert content and website navigation.  An example typical template will look like this:

  2. Once the Template is made, you will be able create new pages.

  3. Once you have created your new pages, you can add your content, and images.

  4. As you add your new pages, the ContentSite will take care of all the complicated navigation and template work for you.

  5. You can go back and add, edit and delete any of your pages at any time.

Remember, if you get stuck or are having difficulty with something, you can rely on the incomparable Portland Web Hosting customer service to help you out.

Give us a call today to get your ContentSite!

You must use Internet Explorer 4.1 or Higher for PC's to use the ContentEditor.